Do you want businesses and world leaders to act on the climate crisis? We make it easy for you to reach them.

Here is your guide to creating a climate review on We Don’t Have Time— plus a list of companies, organizations and leaders that have already joined the climate dialogue.

What we homo sapiens decide to do over the next 10 years is more important to our existence and that of nature than what we have done in the previous 200,000 years. Will we embrace what research and science have been telling us for decades: that we are the cause of earth’s warming, and that there are sustainable ways to slow down and stop global warming?

You might have heard the name. But what is the IPCC really? And what does it do? Well, the most entertaining explanation you’ll ever get is right before your eyes.

In this guest post blog, the author tells the story behind the most unexpected graphic novel of the year.

Two pages from the graphic novel “Because IPCC”.

Thanks to ClimateHero, the members of We Don't Have Time have reduced 3 000 tons of carbon per year. In 2021 the two partners aim for a twentyfold increase in reduction numbers — while influencing millions more along the way.

His passion for surfing turned Robert Sabelström into a climate villain. But he found a way around it.

The EU is making economic pledges on an unprecedented scale. But are they really enough?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not if want our investments to be rational. In this guest blog, Senior Analyst Ulf Holmberg explains why.

In Lagos, Nigeria, We Don’t Have Time partner Afrigod has hosted its first-ever Sports for Climate event — a football tournament for a brighter future.

Cleanup exercise before the beginning of the games.

Read an excerpt from a brand-new book on how the current pandemic can pave way for the transition to a more sustainable economic system.

Finnish design agency Vincit has created a methodology for designing products and services that don’t harm the planet. The company is now using its partnership with We Don’t Have Time to reach out to a broader audience, and has already found a potential client in Kenya.

The Swedish pension company SPP has cut out fossil fuels from its investments. SPP is now aiming to become even more transparent in its climate work — and by using the Climate Dialogue service, the company has found an easy way to do so.

We Don’t Have Time

We Don’t Have Time is a social network for climate action. Together we are the solution to the climate crisis.

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